Bààn (Be)

Bààn is a Belgian instrumental duo initiated in Brussels in 2016 by Pascal N. Paulus (keyboards) and Jean-Philippe De Gheest (drums). They knit ambient, psych, jazz and rock into an intoxicating musical blanket that gently wraps around you and slowly lets you drift to a different universe. The duo started recording straight away, and released their debut album in 2017.

Pascal N. Paulus, aka Paulson, is already known as a multi musician, composer, performer and producer in many projects such as Melanie De Biasio, La Jerôme, Kris Dane, etc. Jean-Philippe De Gheest has been collaborating for years with Mark Lanegan, American singer-songwriter and ex-member of Queens of the Stone Age. He also is a member of the trio “Piloot”, with whom he works around instant sounds and grooves.


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