Bestiaal live in ’t Hof

Op vrijdag 9 september speelt het Belgische Bestiaal in Kaffee ’t Hof in Middelburg. Aanvang 21.00 uur, entree is vrij.

Originality and a stubbornness have always been crucial values for jazz musicians, but here they have become self-evident parts of Bestiaal’s strikingly unique character. The animal aspect is perhaps most obvious in the unpredictability of their musical instincts.

This trio, led by drummer/composer Sebastiaan Vekeman, designs trajectories that involve sudden detours, surprising sights and confusing paths. Ideas erupt, only to dissolve again or to make way for new suggestions. They are always misleading and steering you to the edge of your seat.

Their third album ‘Het Deert’ was released in 2022 through Solidude Records.