Live in Kaffee ’t Hof: The Entrepreneurs (Dk)

Zaterdag 19 maart 2022 in Kaffee ’t Hof aan de Vlasmarkt in Middelburg: The Entrepreneurs. Aanvang 21.00 uur. Entree gratis

The Entrepreneurs started out as a duo when bass player Anders Hvass and singer/guitarist Mathias Bertelsen met in their teens starting high school in northern Denmark. They grew up in Thy, a rural region of Denmark, known for its creative environment and progressive youth culture, despite – or maybe because of – its remote location. As they grew older and craved new impressions, they moved across the country to Copenhagen where they met Jonas Wetterslev, who became their drummer.

After touring extensively with their debut EP, the trio gained a reputation as one of the fiercest live bands in Denmark bringing their aesthetically rich and experimental take on some of rock’s most significant subgenres like punk, grunge and post-rock to stages around Europe.