Matt Horan (USA)

Op 29 oktober 2021 in Kaffee ’t Hof aan de Vlasmarkt in Middelburg: Matt Horan

Better known for being the front man of Black Folk band, “Dead Bronco”, which he founded in 2011, touring yearly around USA and Europe, having performed over 600 concerts, creates his solo project during the COVID-19 quarantine, in an improvised studio which he set up in his van, recording an LP offering 11 traditional and original songs.

Horan, known for his signature vocal style, creates a “story telling” environment, transmitting passion and sincerity based on his own life experiences, tales about longing for home, death, and poverty. Mixed and mastered by Encinita, California´s sound engineer Tom Laveuf, who did a surreal job in capturing Horan´s sound in its purest state.